Here are just a few of the questions that we are often asked. We know that every project is unique, so please
get in touch if you have a query that isn’t covered here.

1. Will there be much mess at the end of each day?

This is where we come into our own! We pride ourselves on the way we work, minimising disruption to your home whenever we can. We use quality cotton dustsheets to cover your furniture where necessary and double up sheets on all floors where we need to walk – these are removed at the end of each day and we use our industrial vacuum cleaner to clear up any remaining dust. For longer projects, and with your approval, we use a specialist ‘cling-on’ floor covering that remains in place, protecting your flooring, for the duration of the project.

2. Will you work on installation only, if we want to purchase our own materials (e.g. for a kitchen or bathroom)?

We always source the best materials from suppliers we have confidence in. We are happy to provide a labour-only service but unfortunately we cannot guarantee the quality of the materials you purchase from other suppliers. Handling the materials and dealing with returns may incur a small charge.

3. What happens to the waste you remove from my home?

We are very conscious of our responsibility to dispose of waste legally and safely. We comply with the legal requirement for businesses that arrange disposal or transportation of controlled waste, and are registered with the Environment Agency. We carry our Waste Carriers Licence which can be inspected at any time.

4. Will I need a skip to remove waste and can you arrange this for me?

Yes, we can arrange delivery and collection of skips through our regular supplier. It is worth noting that, where a skip needs to be placed on a public highway, it may be necessary to have a permit from the local council. The costs vary from council to council, but we can help to organise this.

5. What times and days of the week do you work?

We work from Monday to Friday, 08:00 to 17:30 under normal circumstances, but when necessary and under consultation with you, we will work longer hours and occasionally on a Saturday where essential work needs to be completed.

6. If I am having a new bathroom or cloakroom, will you have to leave me without a toilet or wash facilities during the project?

We appreciate how difficult it can be for our customers without these services so, where possible, we always try to provide temporary toilet and wash facilities at the end of every day. However, in some circumstances essential works may require us to turn off the water supply completely, but we keep these times to a minimum.

7. My project requires Building Regulations or planning approval, can you help me to arrange this?

We are happy to liaise with local Building Control and Planning Officers regarding your planning and building regulation applications. We recognise this sometimes seems like an intimidating process and, where we can, we help simplify procedures for our customers. Where work requires Building Control Certification we will organise this.

8. Will my neighbours experience any inconvenience during the work?

We understand how valuable our customers’ relationships with their neighbours are, and we work sympathetically with this in mind. Where work will take longer than a week or so, we will speak to your immediate neighbours, to inform them of the work we are carrying out and provide our contact details so that they can contact us directly, in the unlikely event that they have any problems with our vehicles or any other matters.

9. Do you use subcontractors?

All our staff are employees of Signature Sean Horler. We only use subcontractors for gas and electricity inspection and testing. In these instances, we use regular contractors that we know well and are confident work with the same philosophy as our full-time staff. Occasionally a particular job (mainly larger projects) may require more personnel such as plasterers or other craftsmen, but again we have a regular team we call upon who know us and the way we work.

10. Should we provide you with tea and coffee making facilities?

No need! We always bring our own facilities for making tea and coffee so no dirty handprints on your kettle from us! But we never turn down the offer of a cuppa!

11. What if I have an out-of-hours emergency?

All of our customers can call us at any time where they have a home maintenance emergency.

12. We are aware of the dangers of disturbing asbestos. Can your team identify materials in my home that may contain this harmful material? We don’t want to put our family at risk!

Yes, our whole team is well versed in the dangers of working with asbestos and have certification to support their training in this area. If it proves necessary to remove large quantities of asbestos, we will liaise with a specialist company that can undertake legal and safe removal.

13. Do you carry out roof work?

We do undertake roof work, but it is not our mainstay. We frequently accommodate alterations to form new spaces such as loft conversions or adding velux windows to provide useable loft space. We are also called upon by customers to rectify poor workmanship and repair areas that require lead work and can work with GRP (fibreglass) flat roofing membranes where needed.

14. Can you help with a property we have purchased that we would like to convert?

We are very experienced in this area! See our case study – Complete Restoration and Conversion, Newport. We can help you configure your space for optimum results and understand the importance of working within the new Building Regulation requirements on insulation and acoustics.

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